Who are squirrel monkey predators

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The age when the mother stops providing milk for her young. Video of the Day. The squirrel monkey has a tail that often curls over its shoulder when it is resting. Wild Cats Jungle cats, including jaguars and ocelots, also prey on common squirrel monkeys. The monkey lives in parts of virgin and secondary forests and in cultivated areas, usually along rivers and streams.

Differences in distribution of available resources across study sites and species leads to different levels of intragroup feeding competition.

Common squirrel monkey

Conservation status: Monkey There are around 260 known species! Your Comment: The father of the baby squirrel monkey doesn't help in raising the young, but other mothers with new young will.

The length of its body is nine to nineteen inches.

who are squirrel monkey predators

November 21, 2011 Feedback, questions or accessibility issues: In Peru, though, where there is a higher density of available fruit, within-group competition at feeding sites is high as group members have incentive to protect the particular area of the patch in which they are foraging. Raptors of the World World Wildlife Fund: These interactions are peaceable and squirrel monkeys benefit from the extensive alarm calling system of Cebus , which serves to alert group members of potential predators Sussman 2000.

Average weights of S. The incentive to protect this patch is high and the result is direct feeding competition between members of the group. The feet, hands, and forearms are a light yellow Groves 2001.

who are squirrel monkey predators

Different names for this animal. Biggest Threat: In the wild and in captivity, squirrel monkeys are seasonal breeders; birth usually occurs in the wet season, February to April.

Primate Factsheets: After a period of six months, the infant is completely weaned.

who are squirrel monkey predators

First Published: Squirrel monkeys give birth to only one monkey. Simiiformes Family: Page last modified:

who are squirrel monkey predators