Where can northern lights be viewed

Privacy policy About Wikitravel Terms of use Mobile view. The offset of the Pole keeps solar storms from benefiting Europe quite as strongly, but most of the countries of northern Europe will get displays during periods of solar storms.

where can northern lights be viewed

Their toils were immense but they must have taken some considerable solace from the spectacular Auroral displays which regularly fill the night sky here in Northern Canada. Canada is an aurora viewing paradise, thanks to its northern latitude and low light pollution; elsewhere in the country, Wood Buffalo and Jasper National Park are popular viewing spots.

Where to see the Northern Lights Top 10 places to observe the aurora. Nevertheless, it is sometimes said that the Aurora is more likely to appear on colder nights so perhaps we could recommend January to hardier souls.

where can northern lights be viewed

If you really want to feel like you tried your absolute hardest to see the Northern Lights, pack your puffa and head to Fairbanks Alaska.

These are probably the three most popular months for Aurora hunting because they bring long dark nights and plenty of snow to play in during the daylight hours while you wait for darkness to fall.

6 best places to see the Northern Lights

But head farther south for beautiful auroras and attractions like Qaleraliq Glacier , which has small floating icebergs even in summer. Learn more about the Northern Lights. Ben Husmann ] [Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland: These are the closest accessible places to the south magnetic pole, outside of Antarctica.

The different colors of the northern lights come from different molecules: The best-known destination in Iceland is Reykjavik and we are particularly happy to offer a New Year Northern Lights trip based in this city. In this period of time, no Northern Lights can be observed. Continue Reading. Essentially, the ferocity of solar wind emanating from the sun is likely to reduce which means the reaction with the gases in our atmosphere will be less pronounced.

where can northern lights be viewed

Let us know at community space. Some of these, particularly near solar-activity maximum, can lead to visible Northern Lights remarkably far south, if you're in an area with clear, transparent night skies. Bookable from December, they come complete with panoramic windows, in-floor heating and a fireplace.

Aurora displays aren't strongest at the North Magnetic Pole; the area of greatest aurora activity is usually right under the aurora oval, which changes dynamically according to how the solar wind is flowing on any particular night.

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When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

On a yearly basis, the Lights are at their peak in September and March. Northern Norway, especially the area around Tromso, is a particularly popular destination, he added.

where can northern lights be viewed

Southern Hemisphere dwellers take heart: Autumn is a great time to chase the Aurora and with the weather being milder than in winter , it offers a chance to see Iceland from a slightly different perspective. The aurora australis can sometimes be viewed from New Zealand and Tasmania.

Into the wilds [ edit ] Photography [ edit ] Taking good pictures of the Northern Lights is very difficult , since they're fast-moving, often faint and against a pitch-dark background, all of which befuddles consumer point-and-shoots.

Click the star icon on the search or holiday pages to shortlist a holiday. If your snowmobile or minibus or snowshoe search is unsuccessful then it is very often the people who brave the cold night rather than those who sneak off to a warm bed who have a tale to tell at breakfast time.

where can northern lights be viewed