How to photograph water drops on featherstone

I use mainly water and milk. The colors in the drops are usually from food dye. How to Photograph Motorsport Events.

Too little and you get noise. You can use anything you like, from photographs to wrapping paper and even objects such as flowers. Professional photographers swear by the "golden hour" as the time of day with the best lighting. Dissolved sugar or syrup with thicken the water, but will also give the splash a mottled appearance. For the milk drops, I have the flash guns situated on either side of the drop and sometimes above.

how to photograph water drops on featherstone

Directly behind the water tray, I use acid-etched glass with some extra plastic sheets to use as a light diffuser. Lighting When I first started out photographing water drops, I used only the built-in flash in the camera. The height of the valve from the water is 48cm but this varies greatly each time I do a session.

Steve Kazemir.

Photographing Water Drops

Use cola, milk or food dye to add even more colour to your photos, or try dropping one liquid into another. The liquids I use are water, milk, almond milk, cream or combinations of these. Ultimately, you would need at least a 100mm macro lens, a DSLR camera, external flash guns, I use three and electronics.

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The Comprehensive Water Drop Photography Guide

This opened up a whole new world of water drops. You can see I need both hands so I use the shutter button as a foot pedal. Using milk as a base in the drip tray is great for effects, but soon the milk gets cloudy so I use water as the base liquid in the tray. Aperture is a tough one.

how to photograph water drops on featherstone

The setup I use for my liquid flow images and also the ones where the mushroom type drop is on top of the surface, with the delayed flash on the flow underneath. Larger drops? JP can change a lens mid-rappel, swap a memory card while treading water, or use a camel as a light stand.

Exposure varies.

how to photograph water drops on featherstone

It is the speed of the flashes that freezes the action, not the shutter speed. I usually use skim milk and sometimes add a few drops of cream to thicken. Eclectic Dreams by Corrie White on 500px. Review your photo and try again, adjusting your timing accordingly. The fancy drops you see on the internet are achieved with lots of experience, testing and skill and there is a long process to get the ultimate water drops.