Artists who draw womens faces

These 20 Female Artists Are Pushing Figurative Painting Forward

Aliza Nisenbaum, The Nap , 2015. Louisa Gagliardi, La Belle Heure , 2016. Jesse Mockrin, The Stroll , 2016; Right: Aliza Nisenbaum.

artists who draw womens faces

I feel free. Trained as a dancer, she models her figures on herself, using her own body as a vehicle for exploring existential narratives and advanced scientific and mathematical theories, while challenging conceptions of how the female has been represented in art and art history.

A mere fraction of those working today, these women build upon the masterful work of figurative forebears, including powerhouse females from Leonora Carrington.

Gina Beavers, Hand bra , 2015. Casteel, who describes herself as hyper-aware of her surroundings, creates vivid large-scale paintings that picture black males from the communities where she has lived. Gina Beavers. Inspired by the Old Masters.

A Brief History of Women in Art

Nina Chanel Abney. Photo by Max Slaven. Elizabeth Murray. Recent paintings follow a group of white nude females in exotic landscapes, where they commingle with wild animals—riding alligators, hunting rabbits, draping snakes and octopi over their shoulders. Packing her paintings with nods to Warhol.

Jesse Mockrin, Moonage Daydream , 2015. Ben Eastham.

artists who draw womens faces

Race , 2016. Jacques-Louis David. Panthea 01 , 2016. Newly represented by Tif Sigfrids in L.

artists who draw womens faces

Heidi Hahn.