Who filed amicus curiae briefs example

Amicus Curiae Briefs

I have used Cockle for dozens and dozens of briefs and they have done a superb job every time. Rick Perry 2004 Regarding several questions dealing with Congressional redistricting in Texas.

In Toyota Motor Corp. I wanted to thank Andy [for connecting us to the right resource to resolve our procedural question].

Amicus Briefs: How to Write Them, When to Ask for Them

Eventually, the U. Michael J.

who filed amicus curiae briefs example

California 2007 Arguing that a police traffic stop subjects a passenger, as well as the driver, to Fourth Amendment seizure. Skip to content. And there is considerable evidence that amicus briefs have influence: And you and your colleagues were very helpful along the way particularly useful as this was my first-ever SCOTUS brief.

who filed amicus curiae briefs example

Notify of. Donate Today. Appellate courts often cite to them in issuing their decisions. If you are mindful of the most effective ways to craft and solicit amicus support, you will have another means of persuading the court on behalf of your client.

Thank you all so much for your help in preparing the Petition for Writ in the Z aunbrecher case on behalf of my clients — the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe, et al.

who filed amicus curiae briefs example

Find Your Local Unit. This strikes me as an important place for scholars to weigh in. In this manner, important decisions made by high-level courts will not be dependent solely on the arguments present by the parties directly involved in the case.

An Excellent Example of a Scholarly Amicus Brief

This point was further driven home as the Court was then presented with discussion of this serious topic in a decidedly un-serious manner:. The fourth time, my Guardian Angel whispered to me and said: The filing deadline for the actual amicus brief varies according to which party, or neither party, it supports. We do not repeat these arguments. J-Crew violated that agreement by suing in the Western District of Texas.

Normally, the court can only consider testimony and evidence provided by the actual parties to any litigation. Search ABA.