What does quintain mean

Quintain Estates and Development plc 30.

What is "quintain"

Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Carter will join Quintain from British Land on 26 May 2015, where he is head of strategy and a member of the executive committee. It relates to godfathers. In one easy movement he slid the blade free, barely causing the quintain to stir. The common object was a shield or board on a pole usually referred to, confusingly, as 'the quintain' , although a mannequin was sometimes used.

A quintain is any poetic form containing five lines such as tanka , cinquain , and limerick. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

what does quintain mean

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what does quintain mean

Find the word definition Enter the word Find. The sea, hobgoblins, and blankets. A later form was a post with a cross-piece, from which was suspended a ring, which the horseman endeavoured to pierce with his lance while at full speed.

Meaning of "quintain" in the English dictionary

The object in tilting at a quintain is to strike the shield precisely, causing the dummy to pivot 180 degrees. In quintain the participants used lances to charge at a target attached to an arm.

what does quintain mean

He has worked for the FTSE... Quintain Estates and Development plc 27.

what does quintain mean

Developer Quintain has signed a joint venture with Swiss investor Keystone to fund the construction of its 362-home Alto residential scheme at Wembley Park.

One of these, which is well known, is at Offham in Kent, and it is called the Quintain , because it was used in that game, a game which helped to sharpen the eyes, to make the arms strong and steady ; sometimes, too, when played on foot,...

As late as the 18th century running at the quintain survived in English rural districts.

what does quintain mean

Daryll and Mathias had set up a small quintain , a man-shaped dummy on a series of ropes and pulleys, so that it would move. Quintain company Quintain is a British-based property investment and development business, which operates through Urban Regeneration, focussed on schemes in Wembley Park and Asset Management, with headquarters in London. The quintain from Latin "fifth" , also known as pavo Latin "peacock" , may have included a number of lance games , often used as training for jousting , where the competitor would attempt to strike an object with his lance , sword or other weapon.

The target snapped to the side, precisely as it did for the third- and fourth-year pages, the quintain turning neatly. Alex Davis, 2003. He calls us buck: Comments on quintain What made you want to look up quintain?

North West Village a development by Quintain

Vladimir and I had just spent another grueling three-hour session of fighting practice, trying to teach me how to put a lance through a quintain , an old plywood shield with a small hole in the center of it. The awkward case of 'his or her'.