Jackets for women who nurse babies

It comes in a soft knit finish, and features discreet V-neck nursing access. It features a two-in-one look with sweater and Peter Pan collared shirt layered underneath. You can pair it with a blazer or a pair of jeans to dress it up or down. This gorgeous shawl is made of a cashmere, cotton, and lambswool blend for soft and cozy warmth, and features snap closures which make it easy to maneuver during a breastfeeding session.

Sure to be warm and cozy as it's made with a cashmere, cotton, and lambswool blend, this sweater also has a side opening for easy breastfeeding access.

Women's Printed Scrub Jackets

It features an easy to wear long length, front kangaroo pocket, and discreet zippered openings in the front for easy breastfeeding access. By Mishal Ali Zafar. This roll neck style tunic has zippered breastfeeding access, and the berry color and long length make it easy to wear all winter long.

The pretty pastel blue, along with its 100 percent cotton cable knit, make it the perfect sweater to wear into spring. If it's extra chilly, you can pair it with leggings, jeggings, or cable-knit tights.

jackets for women who nurse babies

It features a double layer design which can be lifted for nursing access, thumbhole to keep your hands warm, sleeve pockets to keep your keys or cell phone, and longer length in back to keep you warm even when you sit down.

Putting your winter wardrobe together can be lots of fun.

jackets for women who nurse babies

This is one of those wardrobe staples that you can wear under a blazer or with a pair of joggers. The top sweater layer can be lifted up for easy breastfeeding access without having to fumble with a bunch of layers. It features a lovely long cut and side snaps that open for easy nursing. Check out Romper's new video series, Romper's Doula Diaries: Plus, how are you supposed to stay warm this winter if all you can find is a nursing tank?

10 Winter Breastfeeding Clothes That Are Warm, Stylish, & Easy To Nurse In

This is a great look to pull together with a pair of jeans or corduroy pants. They can lead to you fumbling around with your clothes while you juggle a hungry, fussy baby. Either way, these breastfeeding clothes are sure to keep you cozy and trendy all winter long. Made in the USA of high quality fabrics, this super soft dress will keep you warm and cozy in cold weather, and the double V-neck provides discreet nursing access. You get to shop for scarves and hats, beautiful sweaters and jackets, and tops to layer underneath.

There are some winter staples that no wardrobe can do with out. Some of these pieces are easy to lounge in, and others are great for an evening out. Luckily, more designers are making winter clothes with nursing moms in mind and feature discreet panels, buttons, and zippers in their clothes to make breastfeeding a breeze.

jackets for women who nurse babies

Whether you are at home or out in public, heavy and bulky layers can make it a real pain to breastfeed.