How were you disciplined as a child

My mumma was a smacker, she used the wooden spoon across our bear bums I still remember not being able to sit down lol.

How Child Discipline Has Changed: A Brief History

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how were you disciplined as a child

I don't believe in forcing children to do what they don't want to do. Fear the Chancla, man. Learn something. Subscribe to the Newsletter.

What do you think gave it away? He was the naughty one. I don't smack , but now that i have a range of different age groups the same discipline doesnt suit all of their ages, so some will have time out, some will lose privelages, some will do an extra chore or whatever suits the crime!

how were you disciplined as a child

I totally agree. Me and my friends used to climb out of the windows and smoke weed in the park across the road. How about at school? Newsletters are the new newsletters.


By Lauren Steele. Meta Subs. Bedrooms are positive, not punishment.

how were you disciplined as a child

VICE Elsewhere. Post a comment! Take it from the Old Testament, strict corporal punishment has been a popular form of discipline for a long time. This turned into a regular thing after awhile.