How to play level 469 candy crush

It it riddled with errors. Level 469 is an ingredient drop down level. I have been stuck on this level for about a week now. I want to see level 470. Your 50 moves disappear really quickly, so make really careful use of them, planning each move carefully.

how to play level 469 candy crush

I win it and then as it turns all the extra moves I have left into stripes it freezes on the last. Using extra moves on level 469 could be handy too.

how to play level 469 candy crush

Hard work but possible, especially if you can move the fruit more towards the middle - even one column will help. Got this one on the first try, using the coconut wheels to clear chocolate and getting the fruit to come down on the same side. They will create striped candies for you to take out meringue and form a pathway for your ingredients to travel. You will need to unlock the coconut wheels out of the jelly to use them but use them wisely.

Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 469

The previous levels were not too bad and some were fun. Sometimes I get lots of combos but it's never enough. Just completed this level. At the same time they will be removing layers of blockers to help the ingredients through. Definitely need a "lucky" board and I haven't gotten one in at least 30 tries.

Candy Crush Level 469 Cheats and Tips

Pity we cant always get them. It took me 3 days to pass it, then didn't get credit. I thought I already this comment lol. They will drop on moves 35, 20 and when other ingredients drop from the board so remember this so that you make a move on these turns where you want an ingredient to appear.

how to play level 469 candy crush

I completed the level after quite a few attempts, by concentrating on only one side of the table. After a while the chocolate on the other side escaped, but by then I'd crushed through the frosting on the side I was working on, so with a few horizontal stripes and combos that was gone in a short while.

how to play level 469 candy crush

Still trying!!! You will need to make a pathway for ingredients after destroying the meringue and chocolate blockers. Can't get through the cream and chocolate.