How to make facebook idea

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Don't expect to get stellar results from simply cold emailing a bunch of people you don't really know, asking them to support your idea. Without the ability to land people on a specific page can a competition still work?

how to make facebook idea

I was getting a step closer to validating this business idea each day. One of the biggest takeaways from my challenge to validate a business idea last month was that sharing your work is hard , even for me still.

Facebook Advertising Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

I'll refine as I go and tweak it over time as I learn more about what my audience wants. Here's exactly how to craft a winning elevator pitch for your business idea?

how to make facebook idea

This campaign helped Marina De Giovanni collect 17,000 emails in 6 weeks. Neat, huh?

You don't have to delete Facebook, but you could definitely be using it better

Once momentum on my giveaway started to slow on Wednesday, I sent Justin an email asking if he'd be up for promoting my giveaway from his Instagram account with the next image he shared. As a matter of fact, we face enough interruptions each day, costing us our precious brain power and challenging our self-control. There are seriously thousands of images post on Instagram, tagged at Yosemite every single day.

It was genuinely difficult for me to share this website idea and ask for feedback...

how to make facebook idea

Plus, if you can pre-sell something before it even exists, based purely on your enthusiasm, energy and ability to convey confidence with your customers that you'll deliver a solution they'll like, you'll have no trouble scaling your business in the future. Get this: Step 3. I had secured one influencer promotion on Instagram from a friend who's a talented outdoor photographer in California—perfect demographic for me.

how to make facebook idea

Yosemite National Park. Now you have a small but growing audience. In just 30 days, I'm going to choose a business idea comment below what you want me to build , create a proof of concept for that idea, build a list of potential customers, launch a product to them and validate the business idea.

The updated headline?

how to make facebook idea

You know these people are potentially interested because they clicked on the form to check out the offer. If you want to start from the very beginning, read more about the rules of the challenge and dive deep into my weekly updates with an insane amount of detail around the execution of each tactic, click right here to jump down and begin reading from the day my validation challenge started.

Over the next couple of weeks before I have to fulfill this giveaway to the winner , I'm going to work my ass off to try and find a sponsor who'd be willing to either gift me these items or discount them heavily.

Now you know the secret.