How to make a unique pluck massive

how to make a unique pluck massive

X06 TECH. Lethal Expansions. X02 EDM. This extremely useful expansion is loaded with a huge selection of classic hits, stabs, and modern horns. This huge pack is perfect for all things progressive, loaded with uplifting, euphoric, dark, modern and unique sounds. Full of perfectly sculpted sounds ranging from epic synths, insane basses, drops, and a massive array of percussion, drums and fx.

Lethal Expansions

Your browser does not support the audio element. This retro pack features hundreds of awesome 8 bit and chipset sounds, modelling chipset sounds together with synthesis to create amazing, unique new sounds. Featuring a beautiful selection of live recorded pianos, with a combination of pre-recorded samples and analog gear, all modeled perfectly to create these amazing pianos. Full of fresh and phatt progressive sounds for pop, Top 40, commercial, urban and all in between.

All ready to use, or add your own fx to create insane sounds as leads or backings. Unique leads, synths, plucks, strings, pads, and more. Features a massive array of sounds designed for the pop genre but useful for dropping into any production. Packed full of flavoursome crisp latin pop and reggaeton inspired sounds, this expansion is sure to inspire and create that hot sound you are looking for.

Dark, distorted and abrasive, this expansion is loaded with a wide range of sounds to suit Industrial, noise, electro, metal and loads more. Also features authentic chipset synthesis. Beautifully engineered unique sounds ranging from deep cinematic soundscapes to ambient textures. X22 TECH 2.

how to make a unique pluck massive

This truly is an inspiring collection of unique sounds, perfectly engineered and ready to use for your creations. Features the best selection of reggae and latin sounds, including a huge library of plucks, guitars, bongos, genre specific synths and leads, subs and bass plus loads more.

X24 K POP. Packed with a huge range of stunning sounds including basses, unique leads and synths, plucks, keys and drums, all ready to drop into your masterpiece. X09 TRAP.

how to make a unique pluck massive

Deep, dark and authentic. Solid, crisp sounds along with a massive bank of percussion and drums. A must have. Also features unique key sounds for all purposes. High quality sounds ranging from retro analog to ultra modern. This expansion will work with all styles of House genres and other genres too , including indie, deep house, progressive house, tropical house, dub, pop, and loads more.