Do mean people get what they deserve

Speaking of soccer, I'm guessing these are a couple of rowdy, kilt-wearing Scottish soccer fans rather than the little school girls they initially appear to be — a fact that makes me feel better for laughing when one of them tumbles onto the railroad tracks after whiffing on his attempt to boot the innocent bird.

do mean people get what they deserve

Like, outside of a kid's movie? Many, by his command were beaten and killed, tortured and abused, dying in their early twenties and thirties. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It's impossible!

He was gentle like a Lamb, quiet as a Dove, a peaceful protector, a rich Prince who gave all his possessions, even Himself, to his people. And we will always, always be laughing.

do mean people get what they deserve

You had this coming to you. Here are some examples that will have you believing that no bad deed goes unpunished. Smunchyblue off Reddit could not hide satisfaction with how karma got back at the bully for her. Here's one such delightful gentleman out walking his dog.

There is a general idea today that everyone gets what they deserve, that those who by their good life earn a good reward, will get it. This person must be under the mistaken impression that their car is an ambulance or a firetruck, because they're fine with driving down the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic — and probably just so they'll be on time for their Applebee's reservation or something.

Passing on the shoulder. It lunges at the crook and grabs a hold of... And oh, by the way, he almost commits vehicular homicide when he narrowly misses a pedestrian.

Not so fast, said West Virginia lawmakers, who viewed the prohibition on raw milk as a dangerous government intrusion into the private sector. We Explain: Children invented wedgies, wet willies, and swirlies; so felonies can't be far behind. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

do mean people get what they deserve

There are consequences for our actions. But we don't think you're going to like it—kind of like how your girlfriend didn't like it when you cheated on her. As he's crossing the street, a vehicle comes to a halt at the red light he's crossing.

And I know this post is old but i found it and so will others.