What does a chained heart line meaning

what does a chained heart line meaning

Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. If there are little lines originating from the heart line this indicates the presence of many love affairs. Alternatively, the subject's mother might have not been able to give her love due to emotional or physical conditions.

Fig 19. They like to focus on their own qualities in life and are neither interested in other people's problems.

Chinese Palm Reading – Heart Line (Love Line)

Draw vertical lines from the center of the base of each finger except the thumb to the heart line and get the ages at the intersection points as the image shows. Correct timing of the heart line will show the time for the events that are responsible for the markings.

Palmistry Illustrated guide to reading your palm.

what does a chained heart line meaning

If your heart line ends below where the Mount of Jupiter below the forefinger joins the Mount of Saturn below the middle finger , it indicates the purely true love. Fig 26.

what does a chained heart line meaning

A line that starts between the middle and index fingers indicates that you are quick to give away your love. Fig 17.

Heart Line Tells A Lot About Your Personality-Palmistry

Influence lines from Venus mount to heart line: However, you usually have some major upheavals during the life. Children Line. This trait in the heart line means they enjoy many lovers.

what does a chained heart line meaning

As human beings we undergo different emotional challenges in life, that change our outlooks - thus, our heart line. These people have erratic characteristics and have serious psychological impairments as a result of wrangles with their loved ones. Fig 11.

Heart Line

This could be someone who cares a lot about money and the way that someone buys things for them dictates how they feel about a person. Long — Indicates a person who is open and has an overall warmth. If the line goes straight across the palm and lacks a curve this means that the bearer likes to be a hermit.

what does a chained heart line meaning

Problems with a person's eyesight are indicated by the presence of an island under the ring finger. When the Heart Line appears lower on the hand, this shows that the heart rules the intellect.