How to teach infinitive and gerund lesson

Armed with the proper explanations and exercises, teachers can make lessons about gerunds and infinitives less confusing for ESL students. On the day he and his family were going to depart, there was a big snowstorm.

Activities for Teaching Gerunds & Infinitives (ESL)

By Matthew Lubin. Find a training course for your needs. If the question has an error, clarify it using one of the strategies below combined with reported speech i.

how to teach infinitive and gerund lesson

I would love to share with you some ideas. He agreed to start eating healthily. He tried to go every day, but sometimes he forgot to go. She saw him pass by McDonalds, but then he stopped walking. Was this helpful? This will help students understand which verbs precede the gerund, infinitive or both.

Reread your story for a third time.

how to teach infinitive and gerund lesson

Phuong Nguyen Posted on 12-2-2018 at 02: This activity looks at the problem of whether verbs are followed by the gerund or infinitive. Students need to review the verb tense to better understand gerunds. With more advanced students, you can include more academic vocabulary for them to use in essays. Worried that students might be stumped by some of the harder videos? One day, she followed him home from work.

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Discuss the choices with the students and ask them what happens next. Students will have a difficult time remembering which verbs are followed by a gerund and which are followed by an infinitive.

how to teach infinitive and gerund lesson

One month ago, my friend Bernardo decided to lose some weight. While students are writing their sentences, the teacher can go around the class and check the work to see where there may be problems or confusion.