How to make deer antlers darker

The Color of Deer Antlers

What Determines Deer Antler Size? He enjoys the beauty, serenity and excitement that is had in the wild waters and woods of Texas.

I believe it has more to do with the type of trees rubbed than any of the other factors. Do the bucks have a predominant antler color where you hunt?

how to make deer antlers darker

Generally, with age antlers gradually become darker. On a good year, healthy rainfall covers south Texas in an endless lush of green forbs and browse. Younger bucks naturally have lighter colored antlers and tend to begin rubbing on thin, light colored twigs.

how to make deer antlers darker

Antler coloration is determined by several things, including: Evidence suggests that bucks that are taken in or around recent burn areas tend to have very dark racks.

The blood vessels within the antler lose their ability to nourish the velvet, and it dries up. I must say you have done a superb job with this. Genetics will always take precedence over external and environmental factors.

how to make deer antlers darker

Dark colored antlers contain more moisture, minerals and nutrition. I love the fact that, not only do you post some great big buck stories on this blog, but also plenty of informative pieces such as this.

how to make deer antlers darker

In addition, the blog loads super quick for me on Safari. Just MHO. As with deer age, tree age also plays a role.

Why Do Some Bucks Have Dark Chocolate Brown Antlers?

Also wanted to add that the blood from the velvet shedding process might also factor in some situations…esp. Pin It on Pinterest. However, on the plains of South Texas bucks tend to have very dark and often chocolate colored antlers. As summer wears on and day length decreases, testosterone levels begin to increase and the antlers begin to harden.

Lots of timber and swap there. His favorite animal is the Whitetail Deer. At least initially… Come on Fall!!!!!!!! In Wisconsin you get the whole range, white to real dark.