How dirty your mind is epictoon

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There are always exceptions to everything in this world.

This Quiz Will Reveal Just How Dirty Your Mind Is

Originally Posted by Crimsonredwolf. Please visit the new World of Warcraft community forums at https: Grow some backbone. Originally Posted by pinktangerine. We aren't that "has the most players level 25 guild," we are quality over quantity.... Contact Us.

We Can Guess How Dirty Your Mind Really Is?

Log In. I'm sure any skilled player is prepared to sift through my character stats after a comment like that. There is your hard core leveling kins, players that are all about levels and raids and gears. I think two months? Return to Forum. There are plenty of good guilds out there on both sides! Yes I am level 85 and intend to hit endgame this week. And yes I am interested in Warsong Battalion, seeing as two members posted, hah.

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