Chain slack when back pedaling funny pictures

If the gap is larger than that, turn the L screw clockwise to move the inner plate of the front derailleur cage closer to the chain. Casette is new, chain is new-ish, rear derailleur is pretty old xtr, that works great otherwise… Any comments? Apart from more obvious issues like mal adjusted front derrailleur where the chain would rub against it at certain positions this should not occur when you are using the middle rear cog....

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chain slack when back pedaling funny pictures

Ah, funny you should that... Often a problem with X9 mechs where the bearing seizes up. If it only happens when back-pedaling it's probably the pulleys.

chain slack when back pedaling funny pictures

Any other thoughts? Malarky Malarky 327 1 5. Sounds like you might need to replace that middle ring. You may not post new threads.

Slack chain when freewheeling/ back pedaling, cause?

Join Date May 2011 Posts 1,188 Well, we figured it out and the answer is pretty strange. It is less then when new and it doesn't really bother me enough to do something about it.

Mavic Hubs Back Pedaling? I will try it, don't have the money to fix it hope this works.

Chain goes slack when backpedaling on brand new hub

One troubleshooting technique it'll take a helper: Rockets Class. By dwwheels in forum Bikes, Frames and Forks Replies: Sure fire way to wreck your bike is to muck with limit screws when you don't know what you are doing.

chain slack when back pedaling funny pictures

I bet you missed a pulley but the bike shop should have got that. He's noticed that when he back-pedals when coming to a stop that the chain slaps the chainstay.

chain slack when back pedaling funny pictures

Presumably the jockey wheel bushings are OK given that it's a new bike. It is probably more likely to jump on the big two cogs in the middle ring because the chain angle is such that it wants to center itself.

I do it: