Where you been skrillex

This song landed them an interview with Katie Couric.

where you been skrillex

Being lead single and title track from the historic Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites album, it obliterated every idea anyone ever had on sound design, song structure, and the pace of dubstep. Having acquired a whopping total of 8 Grammys , the most held by any electronic dance artist, and 4 Grammy nominations, hate him or love him, it is evident to us that this man played a vital role in the music industry.

In hindsight, it's not all that different. Boys Noize is famous for his analog leanings.

The 20 Best Skrillex Songs

Things will get hard before they get finished. It's definitely the best hip-hop Skrillex song. Skrillex can't claim ownership of Elliphant's incredible vocals, but he can say he was behind this eery piano intro. How hip is this project, for real? Plus, Pusha kills this one.

where you been skrillex

Skrillex took his talents back to his roots on this one in 2009. Don't lie.

The Top 5 Skrillex Songs Ever

The sample is iconic it's also speedstackinggirl on YouTube. It's been all uphill from here, at least professionally, and yet this game-changing single remains one of Skrillex' best and most important recordings to date.

where you been skrillex

K-Pop is like, seriously taking over the world. Skrillex is the living representation of Morrison's prophecy, and here he had the incomparable opportunity to work with Morrison's band The Doors, reinterpreting the legendary poets own lyrics and musical message.

where you been skrillex

He actually did all the sound design and music on the intro to this jam. Thrusting an underground genre to millions of more curious ears, Skrillex left a burning mark in the scene, angering many at the time with what listeners believed were obnoxious and random noises, and intriguing others enough to explore electronic music. The drums are all Atreyu.

where you been skrillex

This is still one of the gnarliest songs ever recorded. People say he's always working on something. Skrillex proves that maximalism has its place in the MC realm. Long drives with old friends are the ones we miss the most.