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I watched the Office last night. Rims for a pathfinder? Mike Carbondale, IL I really don't get the hate for trivia at the bar.

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Took the grinch out of me. Kate Boston Despite my bah humbugness at the beginning of this chat, I sincerely wish each and every one of you a very safe, joyous Christmas. Only thing that worries me is they track everything. Kevin Dallas First time in my life I'm not shopping the weekend before xmas. He feels the country should be run by mobsters but they're not allowed to hurt anybody...

20 Coffee Drinks with More Sugar Than a Can of Coke

Scott Brewtown You're a mean one.... I thought everyone who graduated from high school in Ohio got into OSU.

Scott Brewtown Ryan, you only missed three minutes. I'm still dazed and confused.

whatever sugar buzz carmel

It gave me chills. Yeah, there was a collision at the plate earlier, but what was the guy supposed to do?

whatever sugar buzz carmel

Mickey Morandini I'm available to play 2nd for the Cubs again. Mike Charlotte Buzz, they have a poll on the front page for best chat of 07? I'm in your room going through all your private stuff...

The Morning Buzz: Liz Big Apple Where the heck had e-dog and pam been? The yanks def. And don't count them out Buzz, they did beat Stanford earlier in the year. Half the office is out today, including my boss and I'm not going to be back until the new year since i'm going to be on the road to and from the Motor City Bowl Wed and Thursday next week and my friends and I having a "Beer Gamer's Olympics" on Friday.

whatever sugar buzz carmel

You may be right about the Santa Claus thing. Hit me like a freaking bus. Justin Boston In the words of Costanza, I'm back baby!

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Mike NJ Postmaster - care to explain why my mail showed up late yesertday? Im partial to the Mariah Carey Xmas album...