What happens if you call 666-6666

what happens if you call 666-6666

I am thinking that when people block their numbers than their real number is just mixed up so you cannot tell who they are? Try the spoofcard app its hilarious.

What happens when you call 1-666-666-6666?

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I suppose you deserve to enjoy your last day. There were a bunch of people on the line saying hello... I looked it up in yellow pages, and it may not belong to anyone.. I will leave a picture of this call.


Some these include calling 666-. We were in a car going home one night when our friend received a phone call on his cell 666 666-6666. I was in the car then, going to McDonalds.. Its not I promise you that Ill take a ss from where it was and what time it was at, plus its even on my instagram.

what happens if you call 666-6666

I got a call from that number asking me who i was and they said i called them then i said by and before they hung up they said by the way im banging your girl friend. Left by chris on Apr 09, 2007 10: But one call said you are going to die inseven days then the next day they call and say six days and so on but nothin happened to her.

Woman gets call and 48 text messages from 666 number claiming to be 'the devil himself'

This time was completely different. It had a scary voice, it said my name and said not to be like that when i told it to stop. Thank you, I know you guess my name.

what happens if you call 666-6666

So I am hiding right now and noone can find me...