What does saludo de vato

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What does saludo de vato means homie

What does le mandamos un saludo mi prima mean in english? Double-check spelling, grammar, punctuation. What does el vato de mis suenos mean?

I'm guessing vato means friend.

What is saludo de vato mean in English? Try writing it as 'saludos esperanza', it is a more grammatically correct way. What does saludos desdo Austria mean in English? Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? It means, "If at times I greet him and he doesn't greet [me], I don't greet him any more.

What does saludos gracias por la amistad mean in English?

Wat does saludo de vato mean?

They are probably trying to say 'hopeful greetings'. Send us your feedback. What does saludo mean? What in English is saludos desde santa marta cuentame de ti?

It means: What is saludos desde santa marta cuentame de ti in English? The word is also used by gangsters. Use the three translators to create the most accurate translation.