What day was 12 june 20003

Today in Nigeria History: June 12

Join us in the Library from 7 to 9 pm for a time of reflection, sharing, and companionship on this complicated journey. That is the honest truth! What happens from Ekiti on July 14 and thereafter will expose whether the intentions in the turn-around on June 12 are pure and noble. Create new account Request new password. And the best part about these events are that they are free to en... Capital Pride Interfaith Service.

Killing of innocent Nigerians is going on everywhere in the country and we say we have an Army called Nigerian Army! On the march again, on the march again, We are still looking for the real Mr President.

what day was 12 june 20003

We cannot therefore be tolerant of killings of innocent citizens by their fellow citizens while doing shambolic honour to June 12 the day of inter-ethnic harmony. Go to your villages and see the multitude of young able body northern youths, molesting and galavanting around our streets and forests at will!

And until that day, When the hidden facts about June 12 are revealed to us, When wicked souls in our land are repentant of their doings, When the right day is given its place, June 12 will always remain our landmark! Disclaimer Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of vanguard newspapers or any employee thereof.

Weekly Rueda Classes.


The class will teach you enough to get out on the dance floor that same night. Traditional African Dance.

what day was 12 june 20003

Come enjoy some sultry vibes with men, boys, pups and more. Learn some fabulous dance moves, and put t... For June 12 to be duly honoured beyond political opportunism and deceptive purposes,there are true tests that must be administered in terms of the spirit and essence of that defining moment in our history.

what day was 12 june 20003

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