How to work for the fbi australia

Intelligence agencies have lots of other roles besides intelligence officer. Some intelligence organisations call this a background check, others call it positive vetting, national security vetting or developed vetting.

how to work for the fbi australia

A still from the online game that is part of the job application process. Instead there will be lots of normal, boring hard work, like any job. Social media users have lampooned the online game, with some people questioning the method for testing for "intelligence".

You will not defuse bombs with only seconds to spare. How to Become a Spy.


The Australian Secret Intelligence Service says it is looking to diversify its candidate pool by recruiting people who are 'smart, perceptive and empathetic'. By Biwa Kwan. They gather intelligence information.

how to work for the fbi australia

Please select the editions you would like to sign up to Morning Afternoon Please select at least one edition. The CIA alone receives more than 10,000 applications a month. You will not drive fast cars.

Roles & Vacancies

Movie Review. But getting a job in intelligence is very competitive.

how to work for the fbi australia

Sign up now for the latest news from Australia and around the world direct to your inbox. You will not seduce attractive foreigners. For example, all the following documents:.

how to work for the fbi australia

Sorry, it looks like an error occurred Please refresh the page and try again. SBS Home. If you want to become a spy for the CIA apply here: Community mourns Townsville boys, aged 3 and 5, found in river.

How to Become a Spy

The application process for an intelligence officer position is much like that for any job, with rounds of interviews and tests. We love feedback: India says air strikes were targeting militant camps in Pakistan. There is though one big difference: See Cabinet Secretariat job vacancies.

how to work for the fbi australia