How to do sophia loren eyes

how to do sophia loren eyes

Sign Out. By Nicole Caruso.

how to do sophia loren eyes

Use a neutral eye shadow palette to create a base. Master this classic hairstyle just in time for holiday soirees. If your eye is more rounded or its crease is deeper, you can make the angle a little more dramatic and higher than 45 degrees. The secret to the cat eye is in extending the curve from lower lash line up, as Henrikson demonstrates here.

Lessons from Classic Beauty Icons: How to Master Sophia Loren’s Perfect Cat Eye

Was there ever a more perfect way to highlight the eyes? Step 5: Step 1: Best of The Cut. A few weeks ago one of the biggest beauty bloggers in the world, Huda Kattan, was in London.

how to do sophia loren eyes

This helps open and lift the eye outward. Wear colorful eye shadow and still pull off a natural look yes, it's possible!

how to do sophia loren eyes

Of all eye makeup looks, nothing is sought after quite like the cat eye. By Verily Magazine. Step 6: But when Kattan is about to apply them, Eldridge stops her and says that Loren didn't apply false lashes the normal way.

How to Draw a Sophia Loren–Inspired Cat Eye

Step 4: Here, Henrikson shows how to do a modern take on Sophia Loren cat eyeliner, giving tips on why you should follow pencil with liquid liner, and the way to know exactly how high to angle the catlike point. Just as he did with the pencil, he uses a dash technique here.

When it comes to achieving Loren's lashes, Kattan breaks out her favorite shape of her own false lashes, the Huda Beauty Lashes in Farah. By Lillian Fallon. So when she decides to re-create an iconic '60s look like Loren's, you can bet she knows her stuff. Make sure the wings match on both eyes rather than finishing one and trying to duplicate it on the second eye.