How they caught el chapo 2016 escape

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how they caught el chapo 2016 escape

He used one of them, accessed through the bottom of a bathtub, to shake authorities in February 2014. Red Line riders punched through train windows.

Secret tunnel almost let ‘El Chapo’ escape again

El Chapo Guzman: On occasion it was dangerous, but it was not difficult. A Mexican marine Special Forces sniper trained his rifle on the fugitive drug lord, but was told to stand down. Two Cessna jets later whisked him back to the mountains of his childhood, where the pursuit would begin, again. Report a Typo. Veteran asks for 100 birthday cards but gets thousands.

A second plane also took off in an apparent attempt to throw off pursuers. Guzman is being transported back to Altiplano — the same maximum-security prison where he escaped on July 11 using an elaborate tunnel that was dug under his shower stall, Attorney General Arely Gomez Gonzalez said at a news conference late Friday.

Then, they stole another vehicle, which authorities were able to intercept after its owner alerted police.

Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman Extradited to U.S.

The government said late Friday that Mr. Advanced Search.

how they caught el chapo 2016 escape

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Officials and analysts said it was an effort to show sovereignty and put some distance between the Mexican authorities and their American counterparts, who often used a heavy hand to influence policy in Mexico. The battle to succeed will no doubt produce the next set of bodies on the streets.

By Santiago Perez. He drank and snorted but never, at least in front of us, to excess.

how they caught el chapo 2016 escape

Then, at dawn on Jan. He needed to go somewhere outside his traditional zone of influence. Secretive and nearly illiterate, Guzman oversaw the explosion of subterranean networks used to smuggle massive amounts of narcotics across the U.

In November we heard that the group we had filmed producing marijuana for the cartel had been attacked and killed by another cartel. After emerging from the sewage tunnel, the two fugitives first stole one car, which ran out of gas, authorities said. An expanded version of this report appears on WSJ.