How is insulin administered subcutaneously

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Morrow, K. Based on time of onset and peak and duration of pharmacologic effect, insulin preparations can be divided into rapid-, short-, intermediate-, and long-acting insulin preparations [ 7 , 36 — 40 ] Table 1. Perform hand hygiene and apply non-sterile gloves. For more information on injection technique and insulin delivery, please refer to the guidelines on insulin delivery recommendations [ 141 ].

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how is insulin administered subcutaneously

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how is insulin administered subcutaneously

Upon injection into the SC tissue, insulin monomers and dimers are readily absorbed by blood capillaries [ 32 ]. Who Is At Risk? Abbink, and C.

7.3 Intradermal and Subcutaneous Injections

Insulin is the only drug with its own type of syringe with a needle attached. Hildebrandt, K. The needle must then be disposed of in a safe manner using an appropriate container.

how is insulin administered subcutaneously

Anderson, R. Similar results have been reported for NPH injected into the thigh region and human insulin injected into abdomen, thigh, or deltoid [ 139 , 140 ]. In contrast, in order to achieve a rapid decrease in blood glucose levels, for example, in case of high postprandial hyperglycaemia, some reports suggest to inject into the abdomen and massage or heat the injection site in order to achieve the most rapid glycaemic response [ 116 , 120 , 134 ].

For NPH insulin, the concentration of insulin crystals increases with insulin concentration with delayed SC absorption as a result [ 34 ].

Insulin Injection Sites: Where and How to Inject

Nalysnyk, M. Insulin is absorbed more quickly and predictably there, and this part of your body is also easy to reach. Insulin should be injected into the fatty tissue just below your skin. In this sixth Italian for Beginners course, learn to book holiday accommodation and order a meal.

how is insulin administered subcutaneously

Vora, A. Some of the factors will be discussed in more detail below.

how is insulin administered subcutaneously

So far, the use of jet injectors in the diabetic community is limited.