How designers think summary writing

The handbook tells us that the I design process may be divided into four phases: The presence of this return loop in the diagram, however, raises another question.

how designers think summary writing

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Design Thinking

Which have several instances, and, begins with wisdom quotes in every chapter—bibliographed. We return to these ideas again in a later section but before we leave Darke's work it is worth noting some other evidence that she presents with little comment but which even further calls into question the value of design process maps.

Why is it the only return loop?

how designers think summary writing

I particularly liked the Design Traps, one of them is the Puzzle Myth, that is when you think there is a single optimum solution. It has, indeed, always been undergoing a certain amount of change, and there are signs that many designers are now searching for a new, as yet ill-defined, role in society.

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Punishment of the innocent 6. The design fix A client once asked me to design an extension to his house. Is it not pos- sible to go on getting involved in more and more detail? You apply several math- ematical formulae and insert the appropriate values for various loads known to act on the beam and the required size results.

How Designers Think

While we are used to the idea that physical skills like riding a bicycle, swimming and playing a musical instrument must be learned and practised, we are less ready to recognise that thinking might need similar attention as was suggested by the famous British philosopher Ryle 1949: Phase 3 development The development and refinement of one or more of the tentative solutions isolated during phase 2.

The urban designers will wait for that moment when all three are juxtaposed.

how designers think summary writing

Daley, J. Perhaps if passengers were able to obtain and consume food in every coach they would buy more than if they had to walk down the train. The division of labour between those who design and those who make has now become a keystone of our technological society. Sturt, G.

How Designers Think – reflections part (b)

The students immediately, and without any deliberation switched from the highly self-conscious and introspective mode of thinking encouraged by their project work to a natural unselfconscious action-based approach. The second new chapter rather rashly tries to summarise the range of activities that I believe make up the design process.

how designers think summary writing

The difficulty with this question is really how one views the prospect of life in such a post-industrial society. It is easy to assume that size represents complexity. This procedure is often referred to as Figure 2. Nevertheless this rejec- tion can be surprisingly difficult to achieve.

how designers think summary writing