Ge 200-amp whole house symphony transfer switch

ge 200-amp whole house symphony transfer switch

All generator systems require the purchase and installation of a transfer switch. Frequently Asked Questions. All rights reserved.

Automatic Transfer Switch Models for Standby Generators

Electrical Panel - Inspect your electrical panel for a label that indicates its amperage rating. North America. Want a FREE estimate? Regulate your generator output and manage your thermostatically controlled appliances, like an air conditioner, with the Low-Voltage Module.

A transfer switch is the brains behind the system, creating a direct line of communication between utility power and the generator.

Ge 200-amp Symphony Whole House Transfer Switch for 35k & 48k Watt Generator Systems 71054

First Name. All three modules listed above can be installed inside of your home and do not require any additional wiring. Last Name. For example, 100 Amp service is very common in older homes while 200 Amp service is common in newer homes.

The main breaker is the largest breaker you have and should have its capacity written on it or adjacent to it.

ge 200-amp whole house symphony transfer switch

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It includes an Air Conditioning Control Module to allowing you to manage the load of 1 or 2 air conditioners in addition to your regular appliances. Related Links. Fill out this form for a free in-home estimate.

Thank you for signing up. Manage your backup power with the 50 Amp Voltage Module. User Community. Pressure Washers.

ge 200-amp whole house symphony transfer switch

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