Wheres waldo beach answer

This … is almost a scavenger hunt. Bottom Right: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: While this original book does not mention in the back with the additional things to look for in each page that there is a Waldo Watcher missing the bobble from their hat, it is still in the book.

Wheres Waldo Answers for NES

Surprisingly, I found Wilma within a couple of minutes. Name required. Another remotely easy one, but again, couldn't find Woof...

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Woof is behind the green car in the garage just above the petrol pump on the right hand page about a quarter of the page from the top: The mystery character is a dark skinned man with a white dress shirt and a red necktie. Where is odlaws binoculars on Where is waldo at the beach? Where is camera waldo in the beach? Where's waldo and woof in wheres waldo the musical?

wheres waldo beach answer

Arguably the easiest of the seven puzzles... No way! Like this: This puzzle doesn't have the other characters besides Waldo, but it does have his "truly terrific sights" as labeled in order: Join our team!

wheres waldo beach answer

The last portion of this scene also contains two Waldo Watchers. Who is the mystery character in where's waldo book 1? In addition to these there are also a number of Waldo Watchers in this scene and I have circled them in the image below:.

It took me two weeks to find Waldo, but it was well worth it.

wheres waldo beach answer