What episode does natsu save erza

Erza finally admits that she missed Jellal and thought she would never see him again, and, just as the two are about to kiss each other, Jellal pushes her away, telling her that he is engaged to another woman, which shocks Erza at the beginning, but after she overcomes the shock she tells him to live for her sake too, since she is dear to him.

Team Natsu rescue squad.

what episode does natsu save erza

Natsu Dragneel vs. She punches the ground in frustration, thinking that it's the end, but after glancing once more at Natsu and remembering his continued determination resolves her will to get them both out, stating that it's her turn to save him.

what episode does natsu save erza

As this happens, Erza awakes. Jellal is the 34th episode of the Fairy Tail anime.

Episode 34

Loke arc. However, both Erza and Natsu remain intact, for Simon appears and takes the blow for both of them, collapsing as Erza quickly runs to his body.

what episode does natsu save erza

Jellal is at odds, and he retells his story with Zeref. Porlyusica did heal it, but apparently something went wrong as Erza could only cry out of her left eye. Natsu flies up toward Jellal in a form of a Dragon and yells that there's no true freedom for a man tied down by a stupid ghost. Meanwhile, Erza soon reunites with her friend and former enemy, Jellal Fernandes , and the two recall their past and mistakes.

what episode does natsu save erza

In order to protect and hide them, Juvia uses her Water Dome. She adds that if sacrificing herself could save all of them then she has no regrets, though Natsu keeps pounding on the Lacrima and starts to cry. She thanks Natsu and comes to the realization that she doesn't need to die for her friends, rather live for them, as that's the only way to bring a happy future.

Natsu Dragneel vs. Jellal Fernandes

In a flashback, Makarov took Erza to Porlyusica to fix her injured eye just after she had joined Fairy Tail. Porlyusica offered to redo the medicine to try and fix it, but Erza brushed the idea off, saying that she already cried out half of her tears and that she didn't mind her eye being that way. At first after going there, the Mages think that it is just a prank, since they see no one there, but soon the bridge is fixed back to how it was, inviting the guild members to the other side.

When Erza asks him if she can now treat him as the Jellal she used to know, he says that he would be glad, but he is still willing to let her extract her revenge upon him for Simon's death.

what episode does natsu save erza

Looking at the Lacrima walls around her, Erza recalls Jellal's statement about fusing with Etherion and this gives her an idea to fuse with Etherion herself and suppress the energy to prevent the explosion. He adds that he wanted to see Natsu's destructive power before destroying him, but in truth, it was really nothing special.

Episode 40

Start a Wiki. Start a Wiki. Erza then tells him that he is atoning for his sins by trying to erase the darkness and defeating Dark Guilds. However, Porlyusica noticed that Erza only cried out of one eye.

Episode 154

He then flies up high into the sky and tells Natsu that he'll have a glimpse of real destructive power. Jellal unleashes beams of light that Natsu dodges, only to be hit by a large ball of Jellal's Magic that is launched next. Erza says she will be responsible for returning Happy and Natsu home and that Gray, Lucy and Juvia must leave the tower, however the group still refuses, stating that because they are a team they should always be together.