Super kick outta nowhere lyrics

WWE stars need to stop doing so many Superkicks

Big up di twins 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 twins di whole a wi Jah made dat mean di ting it affi seal watch di four a wi jump from di high trampoline and dive where nobody can swim. Dis yah one note anthem fi di gyal and ghetto man dem when dem a taak mi nuh hear dem yes mi nuh fraid a dem dem a paper so mi tear dem drop like a bomb call it the new clear dem gyal with one note dem a bawl grab one note and send over di wall.

super kick outta nowhere lyrics

Spark a light nothing is ever gone spark a light we will be triumphant spark a light and mi affi go so spark a light. Whether dub, one drop or rubadub Sound system ever play for the hungry mob Sound it load inna the street nuh bada lock it up Forward dem waan so we a wheel it up Pass the new 45, unpack it Bassline bounce and it badder than karate MI want twitters fi sell off inna market This one to every soundman and artist.

super kick outta nowhere lyrics

Leave dem alone mi seh fi leave dem alone dem woulda badder but dem a clown mi prefa tan inna mi innocent zone. Divide di sea, divide di people, weh di destination? Me tell no rob fi innocence dem are not entertainment move outta system and scream louder rise your brain ova dat game cha!

No time fi twist and no time fi turn Every man shoulda take care of him son Work hard everyday affi get the thing done Mi father nuh give up nuh make a complain sound Two a we imagine when we moaned Papa wrap we up walk we all around If every father like you happy child would abound One thing fi sure daddy: Gyal tell me weh yuh gone yuh lock off all yuh phone but when di devil come around memba bout me an yuh alone memba how we used to talk hand in hand we used to walk when we sleep we used to hug like we neva had enough now tell me is it me yuh a run from or the pain yuh a run from yuh think seh di tears dem gone so baby now tell me now memba the pages seh we write can you imagine us tonight now close your eyes because.

Focus on me inner, di race is getting hotter but me nah never leave the bakkle mind run things so me de pon a brand new pattern negative thoughts never matter! So push unnuself up so high though it seems yuh find no sunshine things go your way for the first time yuh coulda neva find sweeter time. Give me di willies: Big city and big town big pressure pon the ground, taking over green paper get we down green paper pon di throne, taking over so cover rasta taking over, run fa cover me say rasta taking over.

super kick outta nowhere lyrics

Now yuh play when yuh talk run when yuh walk yuh no waan fi look back and put yuh life inna sack tell mi why yuh trust no man weh mi talk yuh tek fi fun and when joy a come yuh mek it run yow mi hear your voice a call but mi nuh beg tears from no one so yuh can dry your eyes girl now dry your eyes girl mi tell yuh fi put the blame pon mi but mi voice it still go sing like this.

Waan me like a rain pon her back waan me like a secret she talk waan me like a rain fall like a drop fall to fall pon her grass waan her like a likkle attack, likkle song she a go sing it rub a dub waan her like a belly dancer, wine wine wine wine wine de pon!

Blaze, blaze up di fyah and look down on the road blaze, blaze up di fyah for dem who never bow Blaze, blaze up di fyah and look down on the road blaze. Father Sky protect we Wake up inna the morning another day Follow your heart caw your heart cyaan fail Give thanks for the sunshine and thanks for the rain.

Any gun let it go peace wi affi set it up anyway anyhow cyaan tek dis anymore mankind wicked enuh how tings fi tun out so a who run dis and a plan dis up everybody listen up no watch how mi run mi mouth falling dat a weh dem pree from dusk till dawning but if a so there will be no good morning wi shoulda know dis but wi neva learn it.

In the west we nuh feed no soul In the west we just deck the shell Big brands dictating our wants Easy we fall under their spell Consuming consumes a man That was never a purpose of life To only crave for material joys Is believing the lie. Sometimes I don't understand What really means to be a man Some friends look like them know it all But them nuh see the change is on Them say them born as winners But them struggle fi them dinners Them mind them pierced like mesh marinas How will you weather the storm?