Howard elisofon madoff scandal

Data also provided by. But that is where their stories diverge.

howard elisofon madoff scandal

The courts agreed, completing what Kent called a "triple tsunami. Or is it that Mr. Greenberg said she sympathizes with the net winners — which include her daughters. Schneider and the backs of all the other investors, the SEC -- through its negligence -- was effectively watching Bernie Madoff's back," said one of the plaintiffs' lawyers, former SEC attorney Howard Elisofon.

Madoff victims sue SEC for 'negligence'

Victims say the Madoff scandal offers some important lessons for all investors. Molchatsky and Schneider accuse the SEC of failing to detect Madoff's long-running scam, which stole billions of dollars from thousands of investors. Red Bull Creation challenges hackers and engineers to invent new modes of transportation.

howard elisofon madoff scandal

Tech Talk. Cautionary tale While Greenberg's and Kent's experiences are different, both agree the Madoff fraud offers some important lessons.

howard elisofon madoff scandal

Get In Touch. Amazon drops California associates to avoid... Watch Next... After she filed the administrative claim, the SEC had six months to settle it, reject it or fail to respond, Elisofon said.

SEC rejects Madoff investor claim for damages

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It was distrust. The Kents, on the other hand, were lucky to be able to keep what little money they had left, after Picard sought to "claw back" funds they had withdrawn from their Madoff account over the years. But she believes Picard's formula was the only fair way to handle the situation.

howard elisofon madoff scandal

Could he really overtake Charles Ponzi after 90 years of Ponzi schemes? As a group, Madoff's customers have fared remarkably well for a fraud of this magnitude — or any size for that matter. Phyllis Molchatsky and Steven Schneider filed their lawsuit in the U.

howard elisofon madoff scandal

See all CNNMoney. Download the latest Flash player and try again. There were commodities stocks.