How you durrin rasputia latimore

Jokes are made in relation to women, gay and lesbian relationships, car sex, condoms and prostitution.

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Two men smoke cigarettes. Deion intends to cheat Kate out of her orphanage and turn it into a strip club with Rasputia and her three brothers.

Rasputia and her two other brothers drove to the wedding to watch Deion marry Kate so the plan would succeed. Retrieved from " https: Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.

how you durrin rasputia latimore

But when Norbit got to see his old childhood sweetheart Kate after she came to her old home town and the very orphanage they both grew up in, Rasputia got all angry and insanely jealous of her. Rasputia's always been fat since she was 10 years old in 1977. As a child, Rasputia meets Norbit Albert Rice.

how you durrin rasputia latimore

Ideas to discuss with your children Norbit contains predictable crude, sexist and racist humour, and disturbing comedic violence. Rasputia runs down a small dog with her car. Norbit comes home early and hears noises coming from his bedroom. The scene is an imitation of Paris Hilton's car-washing commercial. During a dance class Buster lies on the floor with a woman straddled across his chest and her crotch in his face.

Rasputia Latimore

People are depicted consuming alcohol in a strip club. Later Rasputia attacks the children on a jumping castle, sending several of the children flying through the air to land on the ground.

Rasputia's brothers are afraid, but Rasputia grabs a spade and fights her way to Norbit.

how you durrin rasputia latimore

Wearing skimpy clothing and covered in soap suds, she simulates an exotic dance. A young Norbit is playing with a duck under a table when the duck is snatched from him, beheaded not shown and the severed head tossed back to Norbit.

Rasputia fights two men using a shovel. It is revealed that the Latimores went to Mexico and opened a strip club there, meaning that they got their happy ending as well. After she beat up a pair of twin bullies who were abusing Norbit, Rasputia forced Norbit to be her boyfriend up until high school graduation, where she forced him into marriage.

Unfortunately, Rasputia and her brothers found Norbit and they told him of their plan to turn the orphanage into a strip club and Rasputia locks Norbit in the basement and instructs Blue to keep guard.

This pleased Rasputia, but Norbit was so heartbroken he decided to leave during the night. Rasputia was born in 1967. Rasputia throws Norbit through a glass window and he ends up lying unconscious on the ground. Rasputia Latimore is the main and true antagonist of Norbit.

Norbit is unable to convince Kate that Deion marries women for their money, and Rasputia gloats that she has won. Other material that may offend Norbit and Kate aged 7 sit on a toilet next to each other with their pants around their ankles. However, Blue called to tell them Norbit had escaped.