How to use braces elastics triangles

What is the purpose of triangle elastics for braces?

Carry extra elastics with you at all times. Remove the elastics, brush your teeth and put a new set on. We all understand that rubber bands are a pain in the rear, but they are a necessary evil for almost every orthodontic patient. Find out how it works...

Now comes the time dilemma. I'm not sure. During orthodontic treatment elastics may be necessary. Step 1 — Hook the elastic onto the back of the tooth. The pain has started up again today, but I am hoping that it will not be like starting from scratch. Elastics are replaced after every meal. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

how to use braces elastics triangles

Elastics move teeth FAST so it may be that if you can get through even a week or two of it, they will start to shift a little so that they are no longer rubbing in that exact spot.

Aiding vertical tooth movement with Triangle Elastics.

Elastics (Rubber Bands) in Orthodontic Treatment

Sinus Infection And Tooth Pain: Read Article. The elastics move the upper teeth back and the bottom teeth forward to help bring the back teeth together. They are about half a tooth off.

how to use braces elastics triangles

Learn the basics of smile analysis and design and whether the magic of orthodontics can work for you...

If you push that ball consistently all day you will get to the top sooner than if you stop and let go of that ball for a while and let it roll back down the hill. They add an extra force to the braces to help move the teeth.

how to use braces elastics triangles

Types of Braces Fixed Appliances. Elastics bands on braces?