How to grow cucumbers on trellises

Basically, anything that grows on a vine.

how to grow cucumbers on trellises

Love your cucumber trellis, Jami. Is there any other plants that would grow on a trellis like this? Keep in mind that the vines cling with curling tendrils, so they often need help finding their way.

Five Reasons To Grow Cucumbers On A Trellis (And Taking Up Less Space Isn’t One Of Them)

When you grow them using a cucumber trellis, rather than allowing them to sprawl on the ground like I used to do, it frees up tons of space in your garden so you can grow other plants underneath. A cucumber trellis also needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the cucumbers as they mature.

how to grow cucumbers on trellises

If you find one wedged in the fencing, you can still harvest it. Adequately fed cucumber plants have far fewer problems with disease, which in turn helps them produce beautiful fruits for a longer time — hopefully more than a dozen.

how to grow cucumbers on trellises

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Growing Cucumbers for Maximum Yield

But a few years ago repositioned the trellis we use, and I noticed less of a harvest. I want to plant seedless cucumbers in the spring, but i would like it to be organic. The vines are plenty strong enough to support the weight of the cucumbers. These plants stress easily when a day is missed, etc. Read More...

Growing Cucumbers On A Trellis

Mine grow right up the chain link fencing. But they rested on the arch and didn't need the extra support. Wonderful, Mark!

how to grow cucumbers on trellises

A lean-to style cucumber trellis also works great to make harvesting easier, and you can grow other stuff underneath it the medium sized one is perfect for growing in a smaller space or a raised bed. This morning in my garden, for example, a gentle tap to several open flowers sent a half dozen cucumber beetles to a drowning death in a bowl of soapy water — a maneuver that would have been impossible with vines running on the ground.

Growing Cucumbers on Trellises