How to broil bacon in the oven

Step 4. Turn on your oven's broiler and allow it to heat up as you prepare to cook your bacon.

How To Cook Bacon In The Oven

Step 1. Fold the foil inward to contain the grease and discard.

how to broil bacon in the oven

Broiling allows the grease to drip off of the bacon, which means that you'll consume fewer calories and far less fat. We make it this way all the time, its quick and easy! About Vanessa Greaves Good food, friends, and fun are always on the menu.

how to broil bacon in the oven

Place bacon onto a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil. If you need any of these items, simply click on the picture to order. Here's the method as a recipe so you can save to your Allrecipes recipe box.

how to broil bacon in the oven

You are very welcome! Also, the organic kind of bacon I like is sliced much thicker and it seems to take twice longer to cook. Prepare your bacon for broiling.

How to Make Perfect Quick and Easy Oven Broiled Bacon

Thank you kindly for your support! Your cost for the purchase does not change. And have perfect, crispy bacon every time — in no time — with no clean up afterward.

how to broil bacon in the oven

Remove the broiler pan from the oven when the timer rings again. Purdue University: Read the manufacturer's directions for broiling in your oven.

how to broil bacon in the oven

Set a timer for two minutes. Quickly and simply prepare your bacon in the oven by broiling, instead of messy frying on the stove top. Although fried bacon smells great and tastes wonderful, it might contain more fat and calories than you care to consume.

Transfer the broiled bacon onto a paper towel to absorb grease.

How to Broil Bacon

My Instagram Feed Follow Me! Directions 1. There are so many good reasons for cooking bacon in the oven, we have to crank up the count to 11:. It probably takes the same amount of time to microwave bacon and broil in the oven. Thank you for sharing your experience with me and for your amazing review!