How many flavors of coca cola

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how many flavors of coca cola

Legal Acceptance Screen. Connect Cancel. Created in Peru in 1935, Inca Kola is a golden yellow sparkling beverage with a sweet, fruity taste that many compare to liquid bubblegum.

Sign up with your email. Introduced in Brazil in 1997, the beverage was named after an Amazonian Indian sun god. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for better use of the website. While Australians have experienced a number of limited edition flavours over the years, it may surprise you to know that more than 90 flavours of Fanta exist across the world, encompassing everything from apple, to bubble gum and banana split.

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Coca-Cola Local Flavors

Closed Closed. Coca-Cola Raspberry Nutritional Information. The recent cucumber flavour released in Russia is perhaps one of the more unexpected. Join now.

how many flavors of coca cola

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Cancel Cancel. Topping the list of the most popular drink in South Africa is Sparletta, which Coca-Cola has been producing in Africa in an array of flavours since 1955 and is only available in Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

how many flavors of coca cola

Ok Ok. Which ones are unique to the local region? This African favorite is part of a fruit-flavored line of drinks.

how many flavors of coca cola

There is an issue with this item. Modal Error. At our Sampling Bar, you can taste recently introduced beverages which we are featuring for a limited time.

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