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You're gonna miss me. The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the 1960s, 1970s, and more.

The History of Popular Music. King - Fine Looking Woman.

bb king guess who traduttore

King - Got 'em Bad B. King - Someday Baby. King - Riding With The King. King Traduzioni: King - Until I Found You. King - The Woman I Love. King - Crying Won't Help You.

B. B. King - Lucille

Lucille has practically saved my life two or three times No kidding, it really has I remember once I was in an automobile accident And when the car stopped turning over, it fell over on Lucille, And it held it up off me Really it held it up off me So that's one time it saved my life The way, the way I came by the name of Lucille, I was over in Twist, Arkansas I know you've never heard of that one, have you?

I pick up Lucille and it ping out those funny sounds, that sound good to me, you know. King - Lucille. King - Some Day Somewhere.

Lucille Testo

News che potrebbero interessarti. Many of our translators use them. King Migliori testi e traduzioni di canzoni: King - The Letter. King - Broken Promise. The Thrill Is Gone.

bb king guess who traduttore

King - Freedom B. King - Woke Up This Morning. Ultima modifica di MirIam H. King - Worried Life Blues B. King - Get Myself Somebody B.

King - Broken Promise B. King - No Good Your Letter.

bb king guess who traduttore

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