Where is kenya location map

This led to a constitutional reform. It is not for the trappings of tourism, however, that it is usually remembered.

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Groups from all over the continent have migrated there for centuries, each with its own distinctive cultural features. The highest point in the country is the snowcapped peak of Mount Kenya, at 17,000 ft 5,199 m the second highest mountain in Africa and one of the largest freestanding mountains in the world with a base diameter of 124 miles 200 km.

It is a land of miraculously harmonious contrasts: Arab migrants soon began settling the coast, and established autonomous city-states.

where is kenya location map

President Kibaki has focused his efforts on generating economic growth, combating corruption, improving education, and rewriting its constitution. Click on any of the blue bubbles, then follow the links in them for maps of these areas with precise locations of Expert Africa's various safari camps and lodges.

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where is kenya location map

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where is kenya location map

Kenya officially known as the Republic of Kenya, is a country in the eastern cost of Africa, and lies on the equator.

His supporters carried out attacks for months, until UN Secretary General Kofi Annan brought both sides together and negotiations were ultimately reached.

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Most of the north and northeast of the country is either uninhabited or sparsely inhabited deserts. Daniel arap Moi was reelected in multiparty elections in 1992 and 1997. The principal species in the dense rain forest of the eastern and southeastern mountain slopes are camphor and bamboo. The country contains some of the last primordial rain forests and boasts more species of birds than anywhere else on earth.

where is kenya location map

Doron In the central western corner of the country is the shallow depression of the Lake Victoria basin, which extends to the rift highlands. Detailed Forecast. Map Help [ show ].

where is kenya location map

Eventually, elaborate mosques were built and Islam was introduced to the region.