What is sic acronym

What Does Sic Mean?

Huw Griffiths, Norfolk England It means: So my use of sic is to indicate, it is this, it is so, don't mess with it, whilst it looks like an error it is as intended. Jamie The Saxt sic , apart from being a dribbling hunchback, and known as "The Wisest Fool in Christendom", was a notorious homosexual..... My incitement to add information - "Muphry's Law" sic - hilarious proof of said law's efficacy.

Wilf, Puebla Mexico It comes from the latin 'sic' meaning 'like' or 'as'.

what is sic acronym

Which has nothing whatever to do with the present question. And I put down sic because I wanted to say with a twinkle something like: Americans should be perfectly at home with its usage as it should be employed every time they murther sic the English Language.

A friendly term used by fans of Slipknot Maggots to basically say " stay cool " or "stay the same".

what is sic acronym

David, London England " sic " actually is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "sic erat scriptum" - which means "thus was it written" Mariette Welthagen, Sandton South Africa Add your answer. As a Scot living in England I am horrified by the mangling to which the English subject their language.

As many respondents say, 'sic' simply means 'so' or 'thus' denoting 'thus in the original'. A note of caution: Jonathan, Lancaster, UK I don't no sic.

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It always looks like a error with an obviously missing 'h'. News Guardian. Editors use it when citing a reference to inform a reader that the spelling or grammatical mistakes in the reference are to be attributed to the original source.

what is sic acronym

For example the use of "impedance" where the writer means "resistance. Pleasant also to see the word misused as in irony. Semantic enigmas. The girl was never heard from again.

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I M sic and tired of literary shortcuts! A Scottish word with the same meaning as such.

what is sic acronym

Adam Taussik, London Sic is short for Sicut, a Latin word which, for those familiar with Latin choral works, crops up in Sicut erat in principio...