What is artificial intelligence means of transportation

A world of intelligent vehicles is no longer a novel science fiction idea, but a near future. Thanks to its BusyBot technology , the Trainline app can help passengers not only book and buy their train tickets, but also find a vacant seat on the vehicle in real-time.

what is artificial intelligence means of transportation

This AI-driven transportation revolution is expected to make our roadways safer, ease traffic congestions, make our transportation systems more efficient and make transportation more enjoyable. AI is even having an impact on city infrastructure and planning of cities. According to WinterGreen Research , over 90 million autonomous-capable consumer vehicles, cars and light trucks will be on the road worldwide by 2023.

what is artificial intelligence means of transportation

In Helsinki, Finland, trial is underway where an autonomous bus transports up to a dozen passengers at a time through a quarter-mile route with restaurants and saunas. Interestingly, the New York Times reports that only seven minutes of an average Boeing flight are controlled by a human with the rest being handled by a computer.

what is artificial intelligence means of transportation

AVs are expected to free up time for passengers to focus other tasks, including work, socializing, viewing entertainment, etc. The JOZU app allows women to decide on the safest routes, methods of transport, and more by collecting user data and determining the best courses of action.

The 25 Ways AI Can Revolutionize Transportation: From Driverless Trains to Smart Tracks

Autonomous cars have quickly moved from the realm of sci-fi into reality. Safety Safety is arguably the most important consideration for those working within the travel or transportation industries. In 2017, there were an estimated 40,000 traffic fatalities in the U.

Tesla claims every vehicle it produces has the ability for complete, autonomous driving, yet it will only be activated when the necessary software and government regulations are in place.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Transportation

Predii , a company that provides a platform that enables organizations greater efficiency for repairs and maintenance, predicts that connected cars will be a source of high-frequency data for predictive and proactive maintenance.

By combining data from advanced Internet of Things sensors, maintenance logs and other external sources, AI will help with better prediction and avoidance of machine failure, according to McKinsey.

Using artificial intelligence technologies, it is hoped that the ability to process and predict data and outcomes in much larger quantities than humans are capable of will allow travel and transport operators, as well as eventually the public themselves, the ability to schedule public and private transportation services in a significantly improved manner.

what is artificial intelligence means of transportation

Being energy efficient is an increasingly important aspect of travel and transport as our journeys and commutes become ever more integrated with technology. Vehicles IoT Revolution: This year saw London test its first autonomous train in their underground system, and many countries are poised to follow suit.

Get ready to start your AI-powered engines.