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You take a sip of your Blue Mountain coffee, and let the rich distinct taste of the hot beverage spread on your taste buds.

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Occasionally, the lovely tinkle of laughter reaches your ears. With their sleek handles and bright colours, the bicycles attract a lot of attention from everyone.

the assembly ground hungrygowhere malaysia

Customers are free to take pictures with the bicycles around the cafe, or even try them out if you want to buy one of them home. For a moment, I thought I'd lost my way. Even though Wheeler's Yard offers average-tasting food, I'll still recommend people to come here for the ambience.

The quality and taste of the food was only average. For those who don't really like sitting outdoors, Wheeler's Yard also houses an indoor dining section, where customers can dine in the comfort of air-conditioning. High ceilings, wide spaces, vintage decorations and posh-looking bicycles.

So come here with your friends and get creative with your own photo shoot.

the assembly ground hungrygowhere malaysia

You'll be excited to know that almost every corner of the cafe is Instagram-worthy, especially their iconic blue door outside the cafe. As an avid fan of photography, I love how there are so many suitable spots for photography. Singapore Food Reviews.

the assembly ground hungrygowhere malaysia

Mon - Thurs: The prices of the food are also decent, considering that there is no GST and service charge here. Enjoying some leisurely time, albeit temporarily, can be really therapeutic. Not bad in terms of quantity and variety though, I felt really full after eating this. My friends and I agreed that the best part of their dish were probably the fries, which looked simple but tasted really delicious.

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The latte gave out a strong aroma, and the coffee itself tasted really smooth and fragrant. Cue Wheeler's Yard, one of the more popular Singapore cafes at the moment. I'm a sucker for theme cafes, and I love the bicycle concept, quirky decor and relaxing ambience that Wheeler's Yard offers. It possesses the size of a huge warehouse.

Although Wheeler's Yard's food isn't exactly that fantastic, I have to say that their drinks are pretty decent.