Senators who voted for cybercrime laws

Huawei continues its dominance in its domestic market, with IDC reporting that it sold 5. Report Huawei had an internal reward program for employees who stole trade secrets and a company engineer attempted to probe an Apple supplier for information on its latest smart watch,...

senators who voted for cybercrime laws

GetSwift to 'vigorously' defend ASIC allegations of misleading announcements The publicly-listed software as a service firm has been accused of making misleading announcements in 2017 regarding client agreements. Another section requires participating nations to outlaw the act of "making available" on the Internet any type of hardware or software that is designed for the purposes of committing a long list of computer crimes including "illegal interception" or "data interference.

First 'cybercrime' treaty advances in Senate

Microsoft workers protest: HoloLens for war is fine if it's used by a democracy Microsoft's Satya Nadella defines when it's OK to use its HoloLens technology for military purposes. Carrier IQ: It includes provisions that would create unaccountable censorship systems, criminalize ordinary Internet user behavior, and instigate universal data retention for Pakistan's Net users: Keep up the pressure!

senators who voted for cybercrime laws

Accompanies and explains amendments proposed by the government to the bill. GitHub revamps its bug bounty with higher rewards and legal safe-harbor terms for researchers.

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senators who voted for cybercrime laws

Don't fill out this field required. Skip to main content. Accompanies and provides an explanation of the content of the introduced version first reading of the bill.

House passes cyber crime bill

SOPA votes derailed by politician's 'offensive' tweet. Your Email. Text of the bill as introduced into the Parliament Third reading: States are pushing to get quicker, deeper, and more invasive access to personal data stored on the global Internet, and are looking to water down the international safeguards around privacy and due...