How do our activities affect environment canada


The section then examines one of the main sources of impacts on the environment—natural resource consumption—by presenting data and highlights on agriculture, fisheries, forestry, minerals and energy. You must enable cookies before you can log in. Although light-duty vehicles are more fuel efficient than they were in the 1970's, there are many more vehicles on the road today, and we're driving them further than before, thus using more fuel.

how do our activities affect environment canada

Some air pollutants can be carried by the wind and affect the air quality in locations which are hundreds to thousands of kilometers away from the sources. The Levels of exposure to harmful substances indicator presents the concentrations of select environmental chemicals in the Canadian population. Natural sources of air pollution include forest fires, volcanoes and emissions of volatile organic compounds VOCs from vegetation.

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Skip to navigation. Some, like certain aerosols, can produce cooling. Avoid or reduce exercising near areas of heavy traffic, especially during rush hour.

Air pollution: drivers and impacts

One of the easiest actions that Canadians can take — with a simple turn of a key — is to avoid unnecessary idling. Sulphate aerosols remain in the atmosphere for only a few days washing out in what is referred to as acid rain , and so do not have the same long-term effect as greenhouse gases.

how do our activities affect environment canada

However, reducing emissions will quite quickly lead to reduced atmospheric levels of such substances. While reducing vehicle idling alone won't solve the climate change problem, it's a step in the right direction and it's easy to do! What is climate change?

how do our activities affect environment canada

If Canadian motorists avoided unnecessary idling for just three minutes every day of the year, it would prevent 630 million litres of fuel from being wasted and 1. Info How do human activities contribute to climate change and how do they compare with natural influences? Reducing short-lived forcers will go a long way to lessening the short-term effects of climate change caused by these substances.

how do our activities affect environment canada

They can also help us measure pollution in the atmosphere. As the organizations that maintain these sites may not be subject to the Official Languages Act, information found on these sites may be presented only in the language in which it was written.

How do people adapt to climate change?