What are freeze plugs called

They are supposed to pop out of the block as the water feeezes and expands.

How Do I Fix a Leaking Freeze Plug?

You just want to knock off any loose rust or sealant. When a leaking freeze plug is found, the engine should be checked for damage and antifreeze checked for the proper mixture and freezing point.

what are freeze plugs called

They are also known as expansion plugs. No, create an account now. Jan 14, 2003 Posts: Many years ago, people would use plain water as opposed to coolant or antifreeze during warmer months.

what are freeze plugs called

Hello I have a 97 Toyota Corolla which product should I use to plug the leak which has caused to replace the radiator and the alternator belt. My dad's 352 ford popped freeze plugs also. When the engine block is formed, sand is used to form the basic shape and passageways.

If you must, use a drift or small chisel with the hammer. They are called freeze plugs because they are a defense item. Can i ask what you think of this product i have a 92 mr2 turbo im pretty sure the freeze plug behind the water pump is leaking or just gone , think this stuff would seal it. If the temperature drops below the protection level of the antifreeze in the water, then you run the risk of the water freezing.

Why Do They Call 'Em Freeze Plugs?

BlueDevil Pour-N-Go is incredibly simple to use and will permanently seal a leaking freeze plug without having to drain and refill your cooling system or ever crawl under your vehicle. After cooling, the sand loosens and is removed through holes.

what are freeze plugs called

References Family Car Parts: You guys are nuts! I have not had good results with either type on Ford products: Usually means my day is gonna suck! They are not there to protect the engine from damage when it freezes, they are there to allow the engine block to be cast.

Feb 21, 2007 Posts: It is intended for leaks that are seeping or lightly dripping from the system. In my limited experience, I have yet to see evidence on a cracked block that cracked from freezing where the freeze plug ALSO "popped out" or even was slightly dis-lodged; hence, doing it's supposed job. If an engine is designed to be water-cooled it is designed to have higher operating temperatures, higher compression ratios and produce much more heat.