How to size goalie pads for kids

how to size goalie pads for kids

Toe Ties — allow the goalie to snug the bottom center of the pad close to the front of the skate. Some manufacturers recommend using a "Floor to Knee" measurement sizing formula for their leg pads.

how to size goalie pads for kids

The level and frequency of play would also determine the proper equipment. I think RBK JR pads are way to bulky, the other goalie on my sons team wears 26" 7000 model and he has a tough time skating in them....

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And not significantly smaller in size. Continue shopping Go to Shopping Cart. Little kids bodies are pretty proportionate so standard thigh is generally OK. How to Fit Goalie Leg Pads. If I can I would recommend the Bauer RX6's because they have an adjustable knee lock system that can be moved up or down a bit to accommodate a growing kid.

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Other Methods - There are multiple methods to attach the toe assembly to the skate. Previous Next.

how to size goalie pads for kids

Goalie Masks 8. Close Recently added item s You have no items in your shopping cart. There are several factors that should play into selecting a goalie stick.


If the arms are too long, the goaltender will not be able to put on their gloves and their hand movement will be restricted. Last edited: Any cuts or tears should be repaired immediately. My Top 10 questions about Goalie Gear. A general standard is 7" to 8". Total items in cart: