How to make a lego costume hand

Once competed, i took some see through fabric and glued them in in the eyes.

Lego Man Costume for Kids

The head was "easy". It took me three tries to get it right.

how to make a lego costume hand

Looking back, it doesn't seems so hard. Giant Christmas Ornament Bobblehead Costume.

How to Make a Lego "Superman" Costume

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Always paint latex over enamel, never enamel over latex.

how to make a lego costume hand

Good job sir, you are now the proud owner of 10 internets. Also cut out 2 smaller circles. I cut the cardboard at slight angles and then taped them together. This was such a hassle that I eventually only made one pair. Remove the bottom from a torso-length and shoulder-width cardboard box.

how to make a lego costume hand

And a slightly larger one for the bottom so I could cut a large enough hole to have it slip over my head without much friction. I agree... But toooo much work.

DIY Lego Man Costume

Cookies make wikiHow better. Use a box cutter or sharp pair of scissors to cut circles out for the arms and head. I just stacked these styrofoam sheets until they were the correct thickness, glued them together, cut them with a small hand saw and then used sandpaper to get the correct look and feel.

Intermediate Leatherworking Class.

how to make a lego costume hand

The Hands - Same process as making the top and bottom of the head.