How to draw realistic eyes with tears

This was so great! Let me know if you have any other questions.

how to draw realistic eyes with tears

Thank you for the tutorial, It was very helpful. Darlene Nguyen - October 12, 2016 23. I made a mistake here. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated: If you have any questions or requests, let me know in the comments below!

How to Draw a Realistic Eye in 6 Steps

I think this is amazing, but I think instead of realistic you should have put stylised, as the bottom lashes make it look more cartoon. Going dark makes a huge difference! Wow your tutorials are wonderful and soooo easy to folliw at first it was hard but then i got pretty good not to brag and i coukd even sell my artwork!! Then make the shine on the left like a little window.

How to draw a realistic eye

I have a question. SidTap 1 year ago.

how to draw realistic eyes with tears

Maia lavis 3 months ago. Hi Darlene, have been busy practicing with all my new supplies and am progressing well.

How to draw a Realistic Eye for Beginners

Make sure that you create a very light shading in the bottom part of the eye and make it very dark around the eyeball. How to draw a female face side view. To answer your questions..

how to draw realistic eyes with tears

Some people are innately more talented, some things you will have to work harder than others, but it is absolutely worth it. This will create a great eyebrow effect. Reply 2 years ago. Your art is beautiful.

how to draw realistic eyes with tears

You should have seen my first try. Thanks Lain.