How much do radio station ads cost

Therefore, you can expect to pay at the top of your budget during the middle of the week and toward the lower end of your budget during the rest of the week. Congrats to the Winners! Thanks for the quick responses. CHFI β€” 12.

Cost of Radio Advertising

Search our properties. Saving Money on Radio Advertising. The average radio ad is 30 seconds long, but it's possible to buy 15 second ads, 60 second ads or even 90 second ads. The cost of advertising will generally be higher on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and is often lower during the weekend. The cost of radio ads are strongly influenced by the type of radio campaign you run.

how much do radio station ads cost

Tips for Negotiating Radio Advertising Deals The first rule of thumb to save money on radio advertising is to plan early and negotiate a long-term 13- or 26-week or yearly contract. To find out how I can help you run a successful campaign that minimizes the cost of radio advertising whilst also maximizing its return on investment, please complete our Inquiry Form and I'll get back to you within two business hours.

Radio advertising will not work if you only do it a week here and a week there.

Guide to radio advertising

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how much do radio station ads cost

Cost of Radio Advertising. This year alone we've doubled business over last year.

how much do radio station ads cost

Short durations. We have all bought products or services, consciously or subconsciously after hearing an advertisement on the radio. Starting up a company when you're under 18. Related Articles.

how much do radio station ads cost

Starting a pet grooming business. EDGE β€” 4. More and more companies are turning to radio advertising to reach these burgeoning captive audiences. A Good Ad Campaign Makes More Money Than it Cost Like any other forms of advertising, the cost of radio advertising depends mostly on when the advertisements are aired and how many schedules are purchased. They also cater to a younger crowd.

Enter your email to reset your password. They tend to be local and they often provide a phone number, website, or location so that you can reach them. Arbitron A media and marketing research firm serving the media -- radio, television, cable and out-of-home -- as well as advertisers and advertising agencies.