Cmentarz na rossie spis pochowanych

Wrzol, Jozef. The second part is a guide to the Poznan cemeteries of former AK soldiers. Italy Przewodnik po polskich cmentarzach wojennych we Wloszech: A 1717 The book discusses all the Krzemieniec cemeteries, with emphasis on the Polish graves. Biernat contributor.

cmentarz na rossie spis pochowanych

Stowarzyszenie Milosnikow Jasla i regionu Jasielskiego, 1987. Kroszczor, Henryk. The work presents the history of the cemetery founded in 1790 , its current architectural layout and the monuments of sepulchral art.

A 1846. Each entry concludes with a list of sources used. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, 1992.

Slavic and East European Library

Jaslo, 1985. The gravestones are listed in order of their placement on the cemetery grounds. Included are epitaphs, examples of gravestone inscriptions.

cmentarz na rossie spis pochowanych

The book consists of the following parts: Discussed are some selected gravestones, which are interesting because of the biographies of people buried in the particular grave, or because their artistic value.

Provided historical sketches of the cemeteries and brief bios of persons buried at the cemetery. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Gunnersbury. The brief chapters that follow are devoted to the history of the cemetery and the small military cemetery contained within it.

The work chronicles the history of the Grodecki cemetery, which remained in use from 1792 until the end of August, 1875.

cmentarz na rossie spis pochowanych